Introducing the Staking Defense Podcast

I started the Staking Defense podcast in June. Its intention is give give smaller, yet still very capable, proof of stake validator operators a bigger voice. Their survival is crucial to keeping stake decentralized in proof of stake blockchain networks.

Without such operators, stake will continue to centralize. This will allow a small number of very wealthy stakeholders to control staking networks. As a result, the staking economy will be no different than today’s financial system.

And if all we do is recreate the current financial system, where a decreasingly small number of individuals control an increasingly outsized proportion of wealth and the power that comes with it well, what's the point of that?

You can listen to the pilot episode here. It features Ian, founder of

Ian’s a very active member of the Secret Network’s (formerly Engima) community. He’s also a smaller, independent validator operator.

I'm planning to release about an episode a month in these early days. Subscribe here so you don't miss them and #KeepStakeDecentralized