About Chainflow

Chainflow is building Web3 infrastructure for a better world.

We were founded in 2017 by decentralization activist Chris Remus to accelerate the development of a more inclusive, equitable, and fair economy. We’ve since grown into one of the most effective teams working in Web3’s staking economy, operating validators and staking services on more than a dozen of the leading Proof-of-Stake blockchains (learn more about staking with us, here).

Chainflow has never taken an outside investment; we’re fully independent and proudly values-driven.

Beyond running validators and staking services, we lead efforts to increase decentralization across the staking economy. Some of our ongoing initiatives include:

  • Nakaflow.io, a watchdog resource that tracks the centralization of stake on major blockchains
  • The Staking Defense League, a coalition of independent validator operators working together to decentralize stake on Proof-of-Stake networks
  • Validator Mission Control, a set of monitoring and alerting tools for independent validator operators on Solana and Cosmos Networks
  • Various efforts to help onboard and support independent validators

You can learn more at our Community Resources page.

We also take on special projects with value-aligned teams across Web3. Think we might be a good fit to work together? Contact us anytime.