We're a purposefully small and proudly values-driven team. You can learn more about what that means for our work, here.  

Sound like we might be a good fit to work together? We're fully remote, spread around the world, and always on the lookout for new collaborators. Right now, we're hiring specifically for the following roles:

Comms Lead

About this Role

We're looking for a Comms Lead to help us engage with our communities across more than a dozen Proof-of-Stake networks.

This is a bit different from a typical startup comms role. We're an activist organization, and enagagement is a key part of our bottom line. In addition to sharing updates from our day-to-day operations, you'll be responsible for translating our work into messages that move people to contribute to a brighter future for the digital economy.

Ideal candidates will have a background that includes 2–3 years in tech-focused communications roles, with at least 1 year of relevant crypto experience. You'll get bonus points for experience working specifically with blockchain infrastructure providers. Most importantly of all, you'll need to share our core values of inclusiveness, equitability, fairness, and decentralization.

Interested in learning more? Check out the details below. If it sounds like we might be a good fit, please email us at to apply.

Role Structure

This position is:

  • Fully-remote, and open to candidates from around the globe
  • Compensated competitively, with room to grow over time
  • Results-based, with flexible working hours
  • A leading role, and key stakeholder, on our proudly-small team

What You'll Do

Your primary responsibilities will be to:

  • Manage our public comms channels, including Twitter, Reddit, protocol chats, forums, and more
  • Author editorials, explainers, and other posts that help to educate our communities on topics like infrastructure and decentralization
  • Coordinate events, speaking engagements, and media appearances for our team members
  • Tailor communications strategies to fit the unique tones of our different communities

Who You Are

You might be a great fit if you:

  • Get excited about helping people understand the importance of decentralizing web infrastructure
  • Know your way around crypto communities, including protocol governance
  • Believe in the unique potential of blockchain technologies to contribute to a better world
  • Can explain why the success of independent infrastructure operators is critical for crypto
  • Are just as comfortable in a multi-channel content calendar as you are in a Discord thread

How You Operate

You'll work well with our team if you:

  • Are able to work indepdently and self-manage effectively
  • Are mature, self-aware, and conscientious
  • Are driven by more than just financial gain
  • Recognize the importance of personal wellness and life outside of work
  • Have tried, failed, and succeeded more than once at doing your thing
  • Agree that open minds can generate ideas that are more than the sum of their parts

Ongoing Opportunities

Beyond the opportunity above, we're always looking to connect with value-aligned individuals interested in working together to support our mission.

If our DevOps Engineer role doesn't seem like a match for you, please email us at to let us know about your interests and skills.