Notes on an Epic PM Treatise

My colleague at ENS, Nick Johnson, Tweeted this PM-related post to me.

I started reviewing the full post, only to realize it would take more time than I allocated to review it. I plan to work my way through the post this week.

I reviewed the summary slides linked here as a first step. Here are my initial comments based on that review.

1 - Goal setting may not work, especially over long time frames, setting shorter-term priorities does though.

2 - Agree on using comparative rankings/ratios, rather than time estimates

3 - Nice concise definition of "story" and depiction of different "strict prioritization" scenarios

4 - Agree on the project planning approach, would suggest that a spreadsheet is a tool and maybe use a tool that's as simple, yet more visual, than a spreadsheet.

5 - Very insightful and powerful visual comparison of restricted multitasking, i.e. a faster cadence for smaller launches delivers more value than slower cadence of larger launches.

6 - Helpful summary of how bugs and stories should be managed differently on "Bug scheduling tips"

7 - "Don't work on bugs that aren't in the current story" < Yes!

8 - I generally agree with the triage section. I need to read the full post to comment more on this.

I plan to publish additional thoughts after I’ve made time to read the full post. It’s a pretty long one 😬

P.S. - This post was first published in my free Blockchain PM newsletter.