Iris Network Alerting Bot

Today Chainflow and Vitwit are releasing an Iris Network alerting bot. It's a simple, yet effective, open source bot that sends Telegram or email alerts based on key Iris validator performance metrics.

It also sends sanity checks twice per day. The sanity checks confirm the validator is voting as expected (if it is!).

The bot is an offshoot of the Cosmos Validator Mission Control monitoring and alerting tool we built. You can find a similar bot for Cosmos here.

We hope the Iris Network community finds this tool beneficial. It's part of our commitment to supporting the networks we believe in, within the resource constraints of a smaller, independent validator operator.

You can find the bot here. Please leave any feedback in the same repo.

P.S. - You can support this effort by delegating to the Chainflow Iris Validator 🙏