Chainflow Crypto PM

​Chainflow provides blockchain project and product management services for crypto projects.​ Chainflow helps #BUIDL'ers ship blockchain products people will use. I’m Chris, the founder of Chainflow. I have 20+ years of technical project and product management experience. I caught the blockchain brain virus a while ago and haven’t looked back.

Some things I’ve done since then, include -

  • ​Managed the successful ENS relaunch to Mainnet
  • Managed the upgraded ENS Dapp launch
  • Managed the ENS permanent registrar launch
  • Managed Aragon’s v0.5 Rinkeby and v0.6 Alba Mainnet launches
  • Helped develop the product management process FOAM used to launch on Mainnet
  • Helped the Unlock Protocol launch to Mainnet

"Chris worked with us on the Ethereum Name Service as a volunteer project manager, and his work has been exceptional. We couldn't have launched ENS on time and with as few bugs as it had without him helping keep us on track and organised throughout the process. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a project manager in the crypto space."

​Nick Johnson, core go-ethereum developer, lead ENS developer

​​Here's how I can help your crypto project ship -

These are a few ways I can help your crypto project -

  • ​Structure new projects, so the team knows what they need to do when
  • Align new and existing projects with what users want and will use
  • Debug existing projects, getting them unstuck and launched

I also offer the Crypto PM Connect and Kick-Start program. It helps crypto projects connect with and hire the right PM for your team while simultaneously initiating your PM process.

​Would your crypto project benefit from any of the above? Contact me if you think it would.

Think it's too early for this kind of work? Contact me anyway ​and avoid having to debug later ;)