The Chainflow Crypto PM Connect & Kick-Start Program

What is the Chainflow Crypto PM Connect and Kick-Start Program?

The Chainflow Crypto PM Connect and Kick-Start Program helps crypto projects -

  • Connect with and hire the right PM for your team
  • Initiate your PM process while the PM search and selection process is underway

(Note: For the purposes of this program, PM represents a project or product manager.)

How does the Connect part work?

I work with you to refine your crypto PM job description. The description will include "hard" PM skills and experience. It will also include "softer" attributes. These "softer" attributes will consider things like team personality, culture and working styles.

Next I'll initiate the search. I'll send a stand-alone email to my Blockchain PM newsletter, which has over 200 subscribers.

Then I'll pre-screen candidates, passing a short list back to you. We'll then coordinate your hiring process for the short-listed candidates. From here, I'm happy to take part in the selection process to the extent you'd like me to.

How does the Kick-Start part work?

While the search is underway, I'll start structuring your PM process. Why is this important?

My experience is that teams, especially crypto teams, recognize the need for a PM after that need manifests. A team usually could use a PM's help at least 3-6 months before the search starts 😇

Many teams also start the PM hiring process only after something starts going wrong, stuck or way behind on their roadmap/timeline 😬

Since a search for the right PM can take at least 4-6 weeks, teams risk this initial problem compounding during the search period. Besides this increased risk, a team may feel pressure to hire fast, resulting in hiring the wrong PM.

The Kick-Start part addresses both of these risks. During it, I'll start structuring the PM process, focusing on immediate pain points. Doing this eliminates the risk introduced by further delay, while relieving the pressure that may result in hiring the wrong PM.

Once we find the right PM, I'll transition the Kick-Start work to them. This gives them a running start. It increases the chance that they, the team and project succeeds.

Can We Do One Without the Other, e.g. Connect without Kick-Start and vice versa?

Sure, that works too. While they're more effective done together, there's also value in each one as a stand-alone project.

How do We Start?

Contact me via email, Telegram or Keybase to start the conversation 😊