The first Blockchain PM AMA

I’m planning to hold the first Blockchain PM AMA in February. We can discuss anything related to Blockchain PM. This includes, yet isn’t limited to -

1 - How to get your start as a crypto PM

2 - The differences between crypto and non-crypto PM work

3 - Who’s hiring and who’s not

4 - Sharing crypto experiences that have and haven’t worked for your team

5 - Asking PM questions to help your crypto project get unstuck

Gauging Interest

A few informal polls indicate there seems to be an interest in this. To confirm there is, please let me know if you’re interested by -

1 - Replying to this email


2 - Participating in the Blockchain PM Telegram chat poll (pinned to channel)

Scheduling a Date and Time

Assuming we have enough interest, the next steps are to try and find a time that works for the majority. If you’re interested in attending, please indicate your preferred date/times here.


I’ll use a Substack discussion thread as the AMA platform. I’ve been exploring ways to build a stronger Blockchain PM community using Substack. The discussion threads are a feature I’m feeling hopeful about in this regard.

Spreading the Word

As a single-person operation, my resources are limited. Please help spread the work by sharing this issue on Twitter and retweeting any Tweets you see me send related to the topic.

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