Recruiting, DevCon Meetup and Chat Updates

A while back I introduced the Chainflow Crypto PM Connect and Kick-Start Program. Crypto projects are starting to become interested in it.

Actively Recruiting for Two Crypto PM Positions

Two projects have asked me to help them recruit for open crypto PM positions.

The first is Solana. I’ll be sending out a more detailed post about the position soon.

In the meantime, have a look at the position description. Drop me a line if you’re interested in applying.

I’ll announce the second in a separate post within the next week. Keep an eye out for it.

DevCon 5 Meetup?

Are you attending Devcon 5 in Osaka this October? Would you be interested in attending a Blockchain PM meetup? If 5-8 of us are interested, I’ll start coordinating it.

Blockchain PM Chat Channel?

We’re all inundated with too many real-time chat channels. As PM’s we know that real-time chat is often at odds with efficient workflow. We agree that managing work and tasks via real-time chat is a recipe for at least a mild disaster.

At least I’m hoping we do 😉

That said, I’m wondering if a blockchain PM channel might be beneficial. We could use it to share jobs as we hear about them. We can bounce ideas off each other and share experiences.

Collecting Responses via Twitter Poll

Please indicate your interest in the Devcon meetup and/or chat channel via this Twitter poll.

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