I'm Actively Recruiting for libp2p's Project Manager Opening

As I mentioned in the last issue, I’m actively recruiting for two crypto PM positions. One position is a project manager at libp2p, part of Protocol Labs.

You may know Protocol Labs through their IPFS project. libp2p is another project that falls under the Protocol Labs umbrella.

About libp2p

“The libp2p Project (https://libp2p.io) is an open source (MIT/Apache licensed) decentralized networking stack. It provides all the basic plumbing needed to build a peer-to-peer application:  peer discovery, content routing, publish/subscribe messaging, a distributed hash table (DHT) for scalable record storage, advanced cryptography to secure and authenticate connections, stream multiplexing, and other features.  This abundance of features is libp2p’s key strength. Many of our downstream users started out trying to write their own peer-to-peer networking layer and then, upon discovering how complex it is, decide to adopt libp2p instead.  With Go, JS, Rust, Java, Python and Nim implementations, the libp2p framework is available to a wide range of developers targeting everything from SoC’s to browser-based applications.”

About the libp2p PM Opening

The Project Manager at libp2p will be focused on organizing development team efforts, guiding them toward common goals and milestones, along an agreed-to timeline. The Project Manager will coordinate with the project leads and development team, helping synchronize libp2p goals and the development activity that builds the tools to realize these goals.

This role is focused on the libp2 Project (https://libp2p.io), a peer to peer decentralized network stack that can form the basis for the next generation of decentralized, networked applications. libp2p already has significant adoption from a variety of downstream projects, ranging from decentralized video to blockchains to browser-based dapps.  

As the Project Manager for libp2p, you will be in charge of helping define and then guide development workflows, while clearing blockers that emerge as the development team executes the work. You’ll do this while interfacing with the project leads, to track, adjust and readjust the workflows, to maintain synchronization between the workflows and the project’s goals.

How and Why to Apply Through Blockchain PM

Blockchain PM subscribers jump the review queue. Here’s how it works -

1 - Apply to the opening here.

Reference Blockchain PM in your application.

2 - Reply to this email letting me know you applied.

3 - I’ll review your application and schedule a phone screen if there’s a potential fit.

4 - If you pass the phone screen, I send a recommendation to the libp2p hiring team to interview you. libp2p has agreed to move candidates I refer to the top of their interview list.

Best of luck and I hope to hear from you 🤞

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