Greetings Graph Delegators


Thanks for stopping by to learn about Chainflow, our Graph Indexer and why you might consider delegating to us 🙏


  • Smaller, independent and self-funded (no-VC) Web3 infrastructure operator
  • Strong Graph Mission Control testnet finisher at #5
  • Competitive fee
  • All stakes welcome, small and large, everyone is treated equally
  • Crypto-first values
  • Active advocates for decentralization and smaller, independent operators

Our indexer address chainflow-indexer.eth.

More details 👇

Chainflow's a smaller, independent and self-funded Web3 infrastructure operator.

We've been validating for 3+ years.

In addition to our Graph Indexer, we operate on these networks -

  • Akash
  • Celo
  • Cosmos
  • Flow
  • Livepeer
  • Matic
  • Microtick
  • NuCypher
  • Oasis
  • Pocket
  • Skale

Why delegate to us?

Chainflow finished strong in The Graph's Mission Control testnet. We're listed as Novy at #5 in the most recent results.

I (Chris, Chainflow's founder) first became aware of The Graph a couple years ago through my Ethereum Name Service work.

That's why I felt excited when I first learned of the Mission Control testnet and registered us right away!

We operate the requisite highly available and secure infrastructure. In addition to our Indexer, we also operate our own Openethereum archive node. (This is no small feat for a smaller, self-funded operator!)

We also operate under an ethos of equality. All stakes are welcome, no matter how small or big.

Everyone receives the same treatment, terms and support.

We don't see staking as a zero-sum game. We do see smaller operators as key to keeping (or actually making) stake decentralized.

Stake decentralization's critical. Because if all we're doing is rebuilding the current financial system, controlled by a small number of wealthy stakeholders, that upholds an unfair and unequitable power structure...

Well, then what's the point?

We can do this because we don't have investors to answer to. This allows us to lead with crypto-first, rather than money first, values.

We're coming at this from a crypto-mindset. We're not ex-hedge-funders trying to cash in on the next big thing.

We advocate for smaller operators like us to survive and thrive. One way we do this is through the Staking Defense Podcast. Here we have the hard conversations about decentralization that many shy away from or pretend aren't necessary.

In fact, Tegan Kline from The Graph was on our most recent episode. If you listen, you'll hear how we discuss whether it's too late for interested Indexer operators to join the network (It's not!). We also talk about whether there are any barriers to entry for small operators.

Thanks for reading. We appreciate your consideration.

Have more questions? Please contact me here.

Ready to delegate to us? Our indexer address chainflow-indexer.eth.


Founder, Chainflow