Crypto Onboarding Research

Chainflow is proud to share that we've received a grant from the Solana Foundation to lead research into making crypto onboarding experiences and wallets more effective, accessible, and open-source. We're honored to join the Foundation and all the other teams working hard to open, strengthen, and secure Solana for the next generation of users.

Help Build a Better Web Together

As part of this project, we're conducting research interviews with crypto participants of all experience levels—from "I bought some tokens on an exchange once" all the way through "I use a suite of DeFi protocols on a daily basis." We need your help in finding participants to join us for the interviews.

If you, or someone you know, might be interested in sitting down for an interview, please take a look at the details, and contact us via your preferred methods, below.

What Will it Look Like to Participate in this Research?

  • We'll have you join us for a roughly 45-minute, recorded video call with our researchers. That's it! You can opt out at any time, and your personal information won't be shared as part of any materials we might publish publicly from the research.

What Will We Ask about?

  • We'll ask you about things like what got you into crypto and how you started using tools such as exchanges and wallets. We're looking to uncover insights that can improve the new user experience for decentralized tech.

Why Should You Get Involved?

  • By joining us for a research interview, you'll help us ensure that we're getting data that accurately reflects the diverse experiences that represent the crypto ecosystem. While you won't be compensated for your interview, you'll be contributing directly to research helping to make Solana more accessible, secure, and sustainable.

Contact Us to Join for an Interview

If you'd like to join us for a research interview—or if you have any questions for us—please reach out to us with a message referencing "Onboarding Research" via any of the following platforms:

We look forward to meeting you!