Cosmos Delegator Survey Results

Updated 17 April 2019

I first circulated this survey before the Cosmos Network launch. I circulated it again a week or so after launch. Here's a summary of the 55 responses it received.

(Learn more about the Chainflow Cosmos validator and how to delegate to it here.)

A few notes/caveats -

  • The poll is NOT scientific

For example, there may be overlap among options.

  • Fees were not mentioned as an option

Fees weren't a big focus before launch. They are now. The next version of the poll will list fees as an option. Even so, a few of the "other" responses mentioned fees.

That said, the results do start painting a picture of what's important to delegators when choosing a Cosmos validator to stake to.

Cosmos Delegator Survey Results as of 17 April 2019

P.S. - Learn more about the Chainflow Cosmos Validator and how to delegate to it here.