Chainflow's Looking for a Co-Founder

Hello đź‘‹

Chainflow's looking for a co-founder. I've been bootstrapping the company for 2+ years. Now feels like the right time to start expanding.

You can learn more about Chainflow and Chris here -

Finding the right co-founder is the first step. I've thought long and hard about who this person is. The list below is my best effort to describe what I believe is the human who would be the right co-founder fit.

Right now, I believe the right person is a technical co-founder, i.e. CTO. That's the focus of this list.

Please contact or @chris_remus on Telegram if you're interested in discussing this with me.

Recommendations and referrals are greatly appreciated 🙏

Chris Remus

Founder, Chainflow

Who you are:

  • You are a security-minded DevOps pro who’s passionate about decentralized software
  • You love blockchain technologies and are excited by their potential to make the world a better place
  • You’ve done Ansible and Terraform automation before, and are excited to do more
  • You have experience with implementing monitoring and alerting systems
  • You’re an advocate for open source and you regularly contribute
  • You have p2p networking experience
  • You know your way around cryptography, specifically HSMs and Key management
  • You have experience with staking
  • You need/want to see decentralization's potential fully manifest to create a much fairer and more equitable wealth and power distribution than the one that exists in today's society
  • You believe Proof of Stake can help manifest that fairer and more equitable distribution
  • You believe the existence and survival of smaller validator operators is critical to Proof of Stake's success in manifesting that distribution

What you’re like as a person

  • You’re located outside of NYC, preferably outside of the US and are comfortable working remotely and independently.
  • You understand the need for at least a light project management process.
  • You have a high EQ and are mature, self-aware and conscious.
  • You have a sense of self and trust your own judgment.
  • You recognize the importance of a life outside of work and personal wellness.
  • You’ve tried, failed, and succeeded more than once at doing your thing.
  • You approach conversations collaboratively. You think that two open minds approaching a conversation can generate ideas that are more than the sum of their parts.
  • You appreciate deep work.
  • You are driven by more than financial gain.
  • You’re excited to be a CTO and dive into the technical details, while letting the CEO (me) take the lead on setting the vision.
  • You see the business as a win-win situation for everyone. You’re not looking for a big cash-out and would be happy running this business for 5 or more years.
  • You can support yourself, income-wise, while we build out the business and determine a funding strategy together, over the next 3-6 months.

What you’ll do:

  • Implement validators on testnet and production networks
  • Automate our day-to-day DevOps operations
  • Maintain and optimize our security strategy
  • Maintain and optimize our monitoring and alerting tooling
  • Explore and develop complementary product offerings to encourage stake decentralization