Agoric Incentivized Testnet AMA Hosted by Chainflow

Chainflow's feeling excited to host an AMA on the Agoric incentivized testnet.

It's happening in the Chainflow Telegram group on Thursday, March 25, 2021 at 1600 UTC.

Here are the ground rules and some of the questions we'll cover.

Ground Rules

  • No price talk.
  • Individual KYC status will not be discussed.
  • Other than that, all other thoughtful and respectful questions, asked with good intention, i.e. for the benefit of the Agoric community, are welcome!
  • The admin will ask a question to start discussion. Please try and ask questions related to the admin's question during that part of the discussion, to help keep the conversation on-track.
  • We'll reserve at least 10-15 mins at the end of the AMA as a free-form Q&A session.

Intial Questions

  1. Please provide a brief intro of yourselves and Agoric.
  2. What are the main motivations behind running the testnet and the ideal outcomes from it?
  3. Please describe the testnet structure and the thinking that went behind structuring it in 5 phases.
  4. Why was the participant set capped at 150 validators?
  5. Is it possible for validators not in the original 150 to participate in later phases? If so, how would that happen, under what circumstances.  
  6. If a validator is not in the original 150, what's the best way to increase their chances of participating in later phases?
  7. How will points earned in the testnet translate into the ability to operate on mainnet? Assuming a validator completes all tasks required of them, will the number of tokens earned be enough to operate in mainnet upon launch? Will testnet results be considered, assuming there will be foundation delegations shortly after launch?  
  8. Do validators have the full week to complete the tasks of a particular phase?  Are rewards determined by how quickly a validator completes the tasks?  
  9. Will there be a gap between phases?  When will tasks for a phase be announced?

Please join us to learn the answers to these questions and bring your questions too!

P.S. - Want us to delegate to Chainflow when Agoric's Mainnet goes live? Drop us a line here to let us know.