Optimized blockchain workflow through project management.

Do you want to optimize your blockchain workflow without getting distracted? Want to improve your team’s productivity, requirements alignment and chance to succeed?

     Chainflow is a blockchain project management consultancy. We apply efficient and effective project management techniques to optimize blockchain project workflow.

     Unlike most project management consultants, we take a “less is more” approach. We apply enough project management to be effective, while staying out of the way as much as possible.

     Chris Remus runs Chainflow. He's led technical projects for 15+ years. Chris is the volunteer Ethereum Name Service (ENS) project manager and a blockchain enthusiast.

What we offer

  • Chainflow Setupestablishing efficient PM processes for new blockchain projects.
  • Chainflow Structureadding efficient PM processes to ongoing blockchain projects.
  • Chainflow Syncaligning the blockchain development process with requirements.
  • Chainflow Trackingkeeping a blockchain project on-track.
  • Chainflow Repairfixing a broken blockchain PM process.
  • Chainflow Sourcingfinding the right PM for a blockchain project.
  • Chainflow Mentoringguiding less experienced blockchain PM’s or co-founders tasked with PM work.

Ready to optimize your blockchain workflow?

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