Resource Library

Hello! This is a collection of tools I use with clients and resources that influence my work.

     You’ll find project management articles by me, my current blockchain research interests and productivity writing by others. Start with the bold links to get a feel for my project management style.

Links to blockchain research are projects I'm exploring out of personal curiosity. The productivity writing reflects my "work smarter not harder" approach to getting stuff done.

Also listed are links to help you get to know me as a person. These are here because healthy professional relationships don’t forget the human beings behind the plans, tools and tasks.

Contact Chris with questions about anything you read here.

My Project Management Writing

Working Smarter, Not Harder Resources

  • Signal v. Noise - Basecamp, formerly 37Signals, publishes this blog. Read it for a fresh take on a sane approach to work. It’s been a strong influence on my career for years.
  • Ambition and Balance - Doist publishes this blog. Read it for thoughts on more fulfilling ways to work and live. Doist is the company behind Todoist, my go-to simple to-do list.

Blockchain Research

  • The Ethereum Name Service - I volunteered to project manage the ENS relaunch. I'm currently the volunteer ENS project manager, focused on increasing ENS adoption.
  • Casper and Proof of Stake - I'm very interested in Ethereum's switch to a Proof of Stake consensus algorithm. My current focus is reading and commenting on this Ethereum Foundation Casper paper.
  • Fat Protocols - Fat protocols, to me, represents the idea that the protocol layer will capture most blockchain project value. This ongoing exploration is my entry point into understanding crypto-economics.
  • Cryptoasset Price-to-Earnings (P/E) Ratios - These ratios are also know as NVT ratios. I maintain a ratio graphs for Bitcoin and Ethereum is coming soon. Other ratios may be in the works, depending how far I go with this one.
  • Cosmos Validator - Cosmos is building an Internet of blockchains. The Cosmos network implements a Proof of Stake consensus algorithm. I’m setting-up a validator node to better understand Proof of Stake and Cosmos.

About Me

Contact Chris with questions about anything you read here.