Chainflow Cosmos Validator

Chainflow Cosmos Validator

Hi Cosmos Atom holder!

The Chainflow Cosmos Validator went live at Cosmos' network launch on March 13, 2019 at 0000 UTC. You can find it in the genesis file. Use Lunie to delegate to it here.

My name's Chris Remus and I run the Chainflow Cosmos Validator. You can learn more about me here.

Here's why you might consider staking your Atoms to me -

  • Original Cosmos Validator Working Group member, having joined the group in October 2017 and validating since then.
  • Game of Stakes winner, staking 2/3 of my 1.5k Atom reward as seed stake.
  • Trusted Interchain Foundation Validator, having received a 475k Atom ICF delegation.
  • Trusted All in Bits (a/k/a Tendermint) Validator, having received a 500k Atom AiB delegation.
  • Trusted member of the crypto community, dedicated to a decentralized future.
  • Running at the same or better uptime as the bigger validator operations 💪

This FAQ applies to the staking systems I run, including the Chainflow Cosmos Validator. You can learn about the Chainflow Cosmos Validator network architecture here.

Please contact me if you have any questions not answered by those posts.

Please use this address to delegate to me -


Ways to delegate -

These instructions walk you through the delegation process. (Even if you don't appreciate the humor, this instruction set Coinmonks published is very well done 😊)

Contact me if you'd like help with the process.

With my gratitude 🙏