Chainflow Cosmos Validators - Intro

Welcome to the Chainflow Cosmos Validators page. This page will tell you what you need to know about the Chainflow Cosmos Validators. It will tell you at least what I’ve figured out so far!

     Are you here to join us as a delegator or partner? Contact me by email or on Riot Chat to start the conversation. If not (yet!), please keep reading.

What are the Chainflow Cosmos Validators?

     Chainflow Cosmos Validators are Cosmos Validators for the community. The rest of this page assumes you know what Cosmos and Cosmos Validators are.
     (If you don’t know what Cosmos is,
start here. If you don’t know what a Cosmos Validator is, read this.)

Who are the Chainflow Cosmos Validator for?

     I’m building and running these validators for the community. Who’s the community?
My evolving community definition is individuals and groups -

  • Optimistic about a decentralized future.
  • Supporting the Cosmos Network.
  • Building other blockchain and crypto projects that will integrate with the Cosmos Network.

     Chainflow Cosmos Validators have no minimum staking requirement. This is my intention.
     Hopefully the staking protocol and ongoing validator administration support this. I intend for it to be a guiding principle in running the Chainflow Cosmos Validators.

Who aren't the Chainflow Cosmos Validators for?

The Chainflow Cosmos Validators aren’t for individual and groups -

  • Speculating on crypto prices and ICO’s, e.g. day-traders, speculators, scammers and spammers.
  • Driven purely by financial interests.
  • Hoping to extract a quick buck from crypto and blockchain projects and their communities.

Who's #buidl-ing the Chainflow Cosmos Validators?

     I’m Chris. I caught the blockchain brain virus in early 2016. I’ve become deeply involved in the crypto and blockchain ecosystem since then.

     I’ve been an active participant in the Cosmos Validator working group since it started. Twitter’s a good place to see what’s on my mind at the moment.
     You can learn more about my experience and history
here. In short, my background is heavy on telecom and IT infrastructure. My first job was as a self-taught UNIX system administrator. Those systems ran Sprint’s first IP-based Cisco Router network.
     In my pre-blockchain life, I worked on large, mission-critical data center and networking projects. My clients were some of the largest financial and government institutions in the world. 
(And yes, I’m grateful NOT to be doing THAT anymore!)

Why am I #buidl-ing the Chainflow Cosmos Validators?

     I feel hopeful and optimistic about a decentralized future. I'm optimistic that decentralization will decentralize power. It’s my belief that centralization of power causes many of the world’s biggest problems. I've felt powerless most of my life.
     My hope is that decentralization results in a fairer distribution of power, wealth and opportunity. These validators are one of my contributions toward manifesting this decentralized future.
     I’m also a believer in Proof-of-Stake (PoS). I believe PoS is more inclusive and sustainable than Proof-of-Work (PoW).
     I'm speaking from experience here. I experimented with PoW mining. To me, that ship has sailed in the direction of centralization. It’s becoming 
more centralized each day.
     This re-centralization favors the shrinking number of participants able to access a lot of capital. PoW also consumes an inordinate amount of resources, at the expense of the planet's future.

How about tech specs, roadmap, rewards and fees?

     I'll publish these details very soon. My intent is to build an infrastructure that maximizes availability. I'm thinking about managing the validators or a subset of them, with a DAO.
     I'd like to adopt a cooperative model to distribute fees. I'd also like to dedicate a percentage of profits to non-profit causes. One idea for the DAO could be to vote for what non-profits we donate to.

Would you like to join us?

     Are you ready to join us as a delegator or partner? Contact me by email or ​on Riot Chat to start the conversation. I hope to hear from you.

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